Eva Linder

Paying Tax is Sexy
video, 10 minutes, 2005

A ten minute long video portrait of Maud, a woman who has worked 30 years at the Swedish tax authorities. Maud is filmed in her daily work; answering tax questions by telephone. She tells us about some "tax affairs" and that the Swedish people often tell on each other if they think someone is not paying their taxes. She has no opinion on the politics of taxes, she just does her job.

Maud really likes her job and is very proud to be good at it. She talks about a tattoo she got a few years ago, something that is a big part of her life. She tells about when she showed it at a party in the Tax authorities headquarters. Then she shows it in the film - it's the logo of the Tax authorities tattoed on her bottom.

The title "Paying tax is sexy" is a quote from the Swedish minister Mona Sahlin in the mid 90's.