Eva Linder

video installation at Bildmuseet in Umeå, 2004

A video installation with four films showing six of the 500 members in Pärlplatteklubben. The video portraits show six very different persons. The lowest common dominator was their membership in Pärlplatteklubben. They lived in different cities, were of different ages, worked at a public authority, studied architecture, were senior citizens.

One video portrait shows an architecture student talking about an old community housing project. She's elaborating on how it could be updated to fit a person of today. An artistic political activist tells about small sculptural trees she makes of the plastic beads and which she, at night, with the help of a long ladder glues on to large house facades. Three older women describe their busy lives as retired and that they cannot find the time to go to all the different courses and cultural events they want to.

I also showed the Pärlplatteklubben website on a computer. The monitors were set around a big "rug" made of hundreds of pärlplattor which the members of the Pärlplatteklubben had made for this installation.