Eva Linder

Social network, 2000-2006

In January 2000 I started Pärlplatteklubben, a club/network for people making pärlplattor, pixle pictures made of plastic beads melted together by ironing. When I ended the club in 2006 it had over 500 member.

The running activity in Pärlplatteklubben was that I every month decided a theme for the members to make pärlplattor/bead pictures about. The bead pictures were sent physically to me by regular mail, I scanned them and put the pictures on the Pärlplatteklubben website. I drew lots among the people who had entered the theme. Each bead picture was then wrapped and sent by mail to its new owner. Every month you entered with a bead picture you got someone else’s sent to you.

I also arranged pärlplatteworkshops at art galleries and music festivals. During the workshops the visitors made enormous collective bead mats. The bead mats were then left for the hosting place as a gift. The collevtive pärlplattemaking was a social event where strangers linked by the easy practice of picturebead-making sat around a table for a long or short period. These sittings always started off conversations that went in all directions from what they were doing. 

The every-month-activities rendered contacts between the members and me and between the members through the website’s guest book. Some of the members met in real life.