Eva Linder

Ugglan, Storken och Bellman
Booklet and a permanent neon owl on a facade of a house in Hallonbergen. Marabouparken, 2005

A neon owl on a facade of a block of flats in Hallonbergen, Sundbyberg. The owl is facing the walking path and the little outdoor area. It was made during a six months residency at Marabouparken 2004-2005. Most of the time the owl keeps it’s eyes closed as if sleeping. Now and then, randomly, the owl opens it’s eyes to blink or to stay awake for a few hours.

In the 1970's pedagogical children's television show Fablernas värld, a very wise owl told moralizing stories to the other animal puppets of how to behave, or that the violent one is just lonely and so on.

In connection to the neon owl I made the booklet Ugglan, Storken och Bellman (60 pages) for the exhibition at Marabouparken kunsthalle. The booklet contains my story of growing up in the million program (though not Hallonbergen), loosely linked to found texts about owls and solidarity, accompanied by utopian ideas about the housing project and photos of different houses.