Eva Linder

I begynnelsen var Ordet
video, 12 minutes, 2014

The film starts ”I begynnelsen var Ordet och Ordet var Gud och Ordet var hos Gud. I begynnelsen var också tjuv-Ante. Och tjuv-Antes grotta. I begynnelsen fanns berättelsen om att tjuv-Ante skulle bli tjuv.”

(In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. In the beginning there was also thief-Ante. And thief-Ante’s cave. In the beginning there was the story that thief-Ante would become a thief.”)

It is a twelve minutes long creation myth, but it is also a story about responsibility, choice, about a god who is sick of the human beings and their businesses (going to Mars, pouring water over beggars etc). God regrets that he ever gave the humans free will.

God asks the archangel for advice, but it turns out that they have a tricky relationship. God does not really trust the archangel. God is sick of  the human beings. God seems depressed or burned-out. He threatens to withdraw man’s free will. Then he pulls the cover over his head.

Link to full video.